Nishiki Premium Rice 10 kg

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Nishiki rice is one of the most popular rice brands in the world and is a best-seller in the USA, and it's no wonder why! Nishiki is grown from a Japonica rice variety, specially selected for it's authenticity, and is grown in Italy where the conditions are just right for growing perfect rice!

Nishiki only uses premium grade rice which is specially selected from the crops, so you can be sure you get perfect sushi rice every time!

This larger, 10kg bag of Nishiki sushi rice is ideal for a whole host of uses. The size is obviously, ideal for those who are in catering or hosting large parties. It's more than enough rice for generous portions for many! The rice also keeps extremely well if properly stored, so you can buy in bulk and use over time. That makes this 10kg bag of sushi rice ideal for families, Japanese food lovers and students too. The bulk buy aspect means you're paying less money per portion of rice than if you were to buy smaller boxes as and when you need them.


  • Origin: USA
  • Size: 10kg
  • Units Per Case: 1
  • Packaging Material: Paper
  • Manufacturer: Nishiki
  • Cuisine: Japanese


Rice 100%


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