Ozeki Josen One Cup Sake 180 ml

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The Josen Ozeki one cup Sake is perfect for people who want to share the taste of fresh sake. You get 180ml which is exactly 1 "go", that perfectly fills the standard 1 go sake flask which is the traditional measure of sake.

Tasting notes:

Well balanced with a complex fruitiness. A clean, fresh and smooth sake. A great place to start your journey into Sake. 

  • Grade: Futsushu
  • SMV: +0
  • Region: Hyogo
  • ALC %: 15.4
  • Acidity: 1.4
  • Rice Variety: Nakateshinsenbon / Akebono
  • Serve Hot: Yes
  • Serve Room Temp: Yes
  • Serve Cold: Yes

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