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Aioi Ramen Soup Concentrate Shoyu 1 L

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Ramen Soup Concentrate (Shoyu Soy Flavour) 1L by Aioi

Thick rich flavour and a very moorish flavour.

if you have not tried Ramen soup then you should if you want an easy meal with a great taste!

Add 1 part of Soup base to 9 parts of boiling Water.


Soy Sauce(water, Defatted Soybeans, Wheat, Salt) (37%), WaterLard (Lard, Palm Oil, Modified Palm Oil. Antioxidant: E306 (Soya). Chicken Extract. Fructose Glucose Syrup , Fermented Seasonings (Starch Syrup, Fructose Glucose Syrup, Glucose, Alcohol, Rice Salt ,Rice Koji), Salt, White Pepper, Flavour Enhancers :E621, E631 and E627, Flavour Oils (Oli's Soya, Rapeseed, Rice Bran), Antioxidant:E306 (Soya),Onion, Japanese Leek, Ginger.



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