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If you're a real ramune otaku, then you'll love this ramune gift hamper. It comes with a huge variety of ramune flavours, and plenty of the original ramune. This colourful and exciting gift would be appreciated by anyone who loves Japanese food and sweets.

Ramune is a famous Japanese soft drink which comes with a glass marble in the bottle neck. This ingenious invention stops the ramune soda losing it's fizz, providing plenty of sparkling sipping.

This ramune kit includes some exotic fruity flavours, such as lychee and melon, both of chich are quite popular in the far east, but we're sure you'll love them too! They're refreshing and bright, and go well with Japanese candy or a nice hot bowl of ramen at lunchtime.

This ramune kit is a perfect way to cater to a movie night with friends, just grab this kit, some Japanese candy from Sushi Sushi and make a platter of simple sushi rolls to delight your guests.

5 x Original Ramune 200ml
1 x Lychee Flavour Ramune 200ml
1 x Orange Flavour Ramune 200ml
1 x Strawberry Flavour Ramune 200ml
1 x Melon Flavour Ramune 200ml


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: 200ml
  • Units Per Case:
  • Packaging Material: Glass
  • Manufacturer: Kimura
  • Cuisine: Japanese

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