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Sapporo Sushi Making Kit

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The Sapporo Sushi Hamper is another excellent gift hamper on offer from Sushi Sushi; not only does it make a great gift, it's also a wonderful way to get a huge amount of sushi and Japanese cooking goodies for a great price.

Stock up your Japanese ingredients store cupboard in one fell swoop, or cater for a Japanese inspired dinner party with ease. The Sapporo sushi kit contains all the ingredients, cookware and condiments you need for a sushi feast!

With this kit you'll be able to make Maki rolls, Nigiri sushi, miso soup, katsu curry and much more! Plus, we've included the perfect green tea to accompany this Japanese meal too, so you can go for the full authentic at-home experience.

You can use this kit all at once to make a massive Japanese sushi meal, but we've also included plenty of ingredients so you can make many different meals over time. There's a good shelf life on all these items, so buying this kit means you'll always have the ingredients you need to whip up great Japanese food.

Whats Included

  • 20 x Nori Seaweed Sheets 2.5g
  • 2 x Sushi Rice 1kg
  • 1 x Wasabi Paste 43g
  • 1 x Black Roasted Sesame Seeds 100g
  • 1 x White Roasted Sesame Seeds 100g
  • 1 x Shichimi 7 Spice Chilli Mix 15g
  • 1 x Pickled Sushi Ginger 340g
  • 12 x Miso Soup Sachets
  • 1 x Recipe Book "Japanese Cooking Made Simple"
  • 1 x Mirin 250ml
  • 1 x Sushi Vinegar 250ml
  • 1 x Japanese Soy Sauce 500ml
  • 1 x Panko Breadcrumbs 180g
  • 4 x Japanese Sencha Teabags
  • 1 x Japanese Curry Concentrate 100g
  • 1 x Takuan (Pickled Daikon Radish) 500g
  • FREE Rolling Mat
  • FREE Nigiri Mould
  • FREE Perfect Sushi Rice Guide
  • FREE Chopstick Rests
  • FREE Melamine Chopsticks
  • FREE Nigiri Mould

*Please note due to stock fluctuations we may replace or upgrade some items, items are packed in bubble wrap to ensure they reach you safely, they are not gift wrapped.



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