Sushi Making Refill Kit

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Medium sushi making refill kit. Perfect for topping up your sushi supplies or to make enough sushi for 10+ people! Ideal if you already have the basic utensils.

What's Included

  • 1 x Yakinori (full size roasted seaweed) 10 sheets

  • 2kg Sushi Rice

  • 1 x 400g Miso Paste

  • 1 x 57g Wakame

  • 1 x Yutaka Black Sesame seed's 100g

  • 1 x Yutaka White Sesame seed's 100g

  • 1 x Mirin 150ml

  • 1 x Soy Sauce 150ml

  • 1 x 250ml bottle of Mizkan sushi seasoning vinegar

  • 1 x Tube of Wasabi Paste 43g

  • 1 x Firm Tofu 349g

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