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Japanese Cooking

8 Japanese Christmas Gifts They'll Love

November 23, 2015

Christmas is coming, some see it as a joy... for others, it's an occasion of forced grins as they unwrap another pair of socks. Don't put your loved ones through this any more, because if they love Japan, we've got you covered! Take a look below for 8 of our most coveted Japan-inspired Xmas gifts! Sushi Socks From Firebox Ok,... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Japanese Style Hotpot (Nabe)

November 08, 2015

The weather is cold, the nights are getting darker, and every evening you're driving home in the rain, dreaming of hot food waiting for you when you return.  Well now your dreams can come true, because we're going to teach you a little about the cooking style of nabe! 'Nabe' in Japanese translates to 'pot', and that's just what nabe... Continue Reading →

What are The Best Japanese Pumpkin Recipes?

October 30, 2015

In UK based Japanese restaurants you'll often find pumpkin on the menu. It's used in hot pots, to make korroke, as an element in curry, or even sliced thinly as a tempura vegetable. Pumpkin has a great sweet flavour when it's in season and holds up well to frying, making it ideal when paired with Japanese flavours. However, in Japan... Continue Reading →