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Japanese Cooking

Japanese Breakfast

February 26, 2015

The Brits favour a fry up, but breakfast on the other side of the world is a curiosity to behold. Isn't it strange how we consider some foods to be 'breakfast foods' - things like bacon, eggs, toast and cereal - when we go on holiday, we still expect to eat some formation of that. However, in Japan, breakfast foods... Continue Reading →

3 Japanese Recipes You Should Try This Week

February 23, 2015

Here's another great roundup of Japanese recipes from our favourite food bloggers from around the world. Whether they take on traditional dishes, or offer us a more modern dish with a twist, food bloggers can lead to you trying some of the most exciting recipes!  This week, we're learning how to make udon noodles from scratch, sukiyaki Japanese hotpot, and... Continue Reading →

How To Make Heart Shaped Sushi

February 13, 2015

Whether it's Valentines day or not, knowing how to make heart shaped sushi is a valuable skill to have in your arsenal for wooing the ones you love. Trust me, they'll be so impressed they might even love you more than the sushi itself - and that's saying something! It you want to be really romantic, we've also added some... Continue Reading →