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Japanese Cooking

Japanese Crispy Prawn Cakes With Sriracha Mayo

January 29, 2015

If you're bored of fishcakes and fish fingers for fish Friday, we're with you. Oh we know there's few better delights than fish fingers on soft, fresh white bread with plenty of ketchup, but how about juicy fresh prawn cakes with a pinch of chili, served on Japanese steamed buns with lashings of sharp, creamy sriracha mayo? Just as good,... Continue Reading →

Furikake Coated Sweet Potato Fries

January 25, 2015

Sweet potato is becoming a trendy sort of vegetable; it seems to be the darling of diet plans and new restaurants. But like most things, Japan was in on the sweet potato trend long before it was cool here. In Japan you can get your hands on slow baked sweet potatoes from street food vendors, which make the perfect winter... Continue Reading →

3 Healthy Japanese Recipes To Keep Your Diet on Track

January 16, 2015

Nobody said it was easy - most people fail on their new year's resolutions in the first week! That's why you need to forget the mentality of short term diets, and go more for the idea of long-term lifestyle changes. If you are thinking of cutting your calories to the extreme and depriving yourself, you're more likely to just put... Continue Reading →