February 26, 2015

Japanese Breakfast

By Stuart Turner

The Brits favour a fry up, but breakfast on the other side of the world is a curiosity to behold. Isn't it strange how we consider some foods to be 'breakfast foods' - things like bacon, eggs, toast and cereal - when we go on holiday, we still expect to eat some formation of that. However, in Japan, breakfast foods are more likely to be rice, fish and pickles.

Umeboshi Pickles

The very mention of such things will leave a Brit moaning "Oooh my stomach couldn't handle that before 12!".

But breakfast food isn't anything particularly special; it's only because of marketing that we've come to consider toast and cereal the dishes of choice.

So why not expand your horizons this week and try out a Japanese breakfast? It's actually a great way to start you day, with foods that burn energy slowly, and lean proteins. Take your pick from the list below!

What do the Japanese Traditionally Eat for Breakfast?

Steamed rice or rice porridge

Rice porridge is a good place to start if you want to try out a Japanese breakfast. It's called Okayu, and it doesn't really look or taste like oat porridge at all - in fact, it's savory! To make it, just cook one part rice to five parts water. If you're feeling like you need more flavour, replace the water with dashi stock or miso. You can also top your porridge with umeboshi or spring onions and sesame seeds. It's tasty, and a good source of energy to get you going in the morning.

Miso Soup

Miso is really easy to make and if you have a flask, it's a healthy treat for on-the-go breakfasters. It contains everything you need to start the day on a good note, with antioxidants and vitamins! You can even by really good quality instant miso soup to keep in the office for those days when you forget breakfast.


Pickles are often served as a side dish to breakfasts in Japan, and if they are fermented they also contain lots of healthy bacteria which is essential for your gut! That in turn, helps to increase your body's immunity. Try adding pickles to a small bowl of rice. They're incredibly delicious even though they might seem scary at first.

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