Fantastic Ideas for Sushi Take-Away Businesses

February 24, 2016

Thinking about starting a business in the new year? Then how about an industry that's becoming a massive trend and growing in popularity every year?


Japanese food and the idea of raw fish used to frighten many who'd never tried it, but that's just the thing; as soon as you try it you're addicted! It's easy to see why too; sushi is delicious and filling, yet it mostly compromises of lean oily fish, veggies, and is often accompanied by side dishes that are bursting with antioxidants, like miso soup. Then you wash it all down with green tea - it can't get more virtuous.

There's a huge trend at the moment for clean, healthy eating, and many of us are making more informed choices about what we eat. 

Getting into the sushi business is becoming increasingly easier too. Though few of us can proclaim to be apprenticed to a master sushi chef, we are all still capable of making perfectly delicious sushi, which can be sold in a restaurant or takeaway cafe.

There are tutorial videos on Youtube to get you started on sushi-making techniques, and it's so easy to get affordable sushi machines and Japanese food wholesale online nowadays! Try Sushi Sushi, we'll be happy to advise what you need to start your sushi business up!

Starting a sushi business just requires some creative and innovative thinking. Sushi sells very well as a take-away, healthy lunchtime treat, so why not come up with a unique concept for your sushi packaging to stand out from the crowd?

Sushi doesn't have a long shelf-life when it's made, but that opens up great possibilities for custom sushi! Why not consider opening a takeaway where people can design their own sushi rolls to go? It's ideal for fussy eaters, and sushi creations like Temaki rolls (above) are so quick and easy to whip up to order.

Japanese bento boxes (lunch boxes) are also a popular concept in the UK, why not kill the idea of the boring old office sandwich truck, and instead offer delicious bento boxes that can be heated in the microwave? They can contain simple but flavourful dishes like Katsu curry, yakisoba noodles or flavourful Japanese inspired salads.

A trend from the US which hasn't quite rocketed off in the UK yet is food trucks. These little travelling eateries can park up anywhere they have permission and sell fresh food-to-go. The great thing about selling sushi is that you won't need a food truck that needs a lot of advanced electrics, as sushi is often not cooked. All you need is somewhere cool to safely store your raw ingredients, and a boiler for serving hot tea and miso soup!

Why not try the concept out in 2016!

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