Taste Of Japan: Nitto-Jozo

November 01, 2019

New products have arrived from Japan! We now stock more interesting Japanese condiments that you can't get anywhere else in England!

One of the new sushi family, Nitto-Jozo, specialises in producing 'Shiro-tamari' white soy sauce. White soy sauce isn't very common, unlike dark coloured soy sauce. White soy sauce is only made in Mikawa area (Aichi prefecture) in Japan. It is a quite rare soy sauce. (If you don't know what white soy sauce is, have a look at this article!) When dashi is added to white soy sauce, it is called Shiro dashi (White Dashi). Nitto-jozo specialises making white soy sauce.

White tamari

Shojin white dash

kohaku (amber) white tamari


What is special about their white tamari?
I have to mention that white tamari contains wheat even though it is called tamari. They use twice as much wheat-koji mould, so it tastes richer. They use wheat from Aichi and sea salt from Izu-island. No chemicals are added, naturally brewed in their wooden barrels. It isn't pasteurized either, so it's a raw white soy sauce. Also, they use special spring water from Otaga in Aichi to make their sauce. 

Otaga, Aichi

They decided to use the old unused school for soy sauce factory, as it had a well that they can use water from Otaga. 



Now they are trying to grow their own wheat with local people without using any kind of chemicals. They still haven't made soy sauce from it yet but this is their future mission! 

They make variety of white tamari, find your favourite white tamari!


Karaage tamari sauce

White soy sauce for the bace of washoku

White soy sauce for fried egg


 Check all Nitto jozo products from here!

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