Panko, Tempura Flour, Mochi Flour

Made from wheat flour, baking powder, powdered egg and other ingredients, tempura batter is used to produce the wonderfully crispy Japanese fritters. Since it is difficult to make perfect tempura, it is better to use a premix.

Many ingredients can be deep fried in this batter, such as prawns, aubergine and shiitake mushrooms, to name a few. Tempura batter mix simply needs the addition of water to make a perfect light and crispy batter for any cuisine.

Japanese panko is a type of breadcrumb with a light and crispy texture. It is made from white bread that is processed into coarse flakes, resulting in a drier and more porous texture compared to traditional breadcrumbs.

Commonly used to coat and fry foods such as tonkatsu and katsu, providing a satisfying crunch and enhancing the texture of fried dishes. Its versatility and ability to stay crispy make it a popular choice in both Japanese and international cuisine!