Nutritional Policy

SushiSushi Limited Nutrition Policy is to comply with statutory requirements within the country of sale and recognise the need to ensure accurate and correct nutritional information is available for our customers.


EU regulation 1169/2011 concerning food information to consumers stipulates a nutritional declaration is mandatory. The mandatory particulars include; an energy value, the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt.

Source of data 

SushiSushi Limited establishes nutritional data through a number of channels

manufacturer's analysis of the food
calculation from the known or actual average values of the ingredients used
calculation from generally established and accepted data

How data should be declared

The energy values and amount of nutrients should be expressed in a way that makes it easy for customer to understand.Where space on the label permits the nutrients should be listed in a table with the values aligned and in a clear format.

Nutritional claims 

If SushiSushi Limited make a nutritional claim on any of our products, the claim must be relevant to the product and the customer. Whenever a nutrition claim is made, the relevant nutrition information must be given in the correct format. The nutrition information supporting any nutrition claim should be for the food as consumed i.e. as prepared / cooked / made up according to the instructions on the label.


Certain products are exempt from declaring nutrition on the pack such as unprocessedsingle ingredient foods, flavourings and food additives.

Other considerations

SushiSushi Limited recognise nutritional values are an average and consider the natural variation within foods