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CleverstiX are are very different to other 'training chopsticks' (that are typically just 2 sticks stuck together at the top!).  Instead he award-winning CleverstiX feature a 'No Spring-Back' design with finger and thumb rings meaning kids must control both the Opening *and* Closing movements of the StiX.

CleverstiX are good for your restaurant / take-away in 2 key ways:

  • Earning considerable additional revenue by simply displaying the eye-catching CleverstiX on their counters for sale
  • An Increase in the amount of young families who visit

High in novelty factor the toy-like CleverstiX utilises children’s natural instinct for finger-eating by acting as an extension of the hand.

Benefits include distraction free focus on their meal while quickly evolving agility and precision - great for handwriting and dexterity. But best of all kids have so much fun using CleverstiX they'll be asking Mum & Dad to return next time they eat out! 



They have made from tough ABS plastic and boast silicone finger-rings and wide tips for ease of use. They are BPA Free and possess the following UK, EU and International certifications:

  • CE
  • EN71-3:2013
  • EU 10/2011
  • ISO 9001:2008

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