Sushi for Dummies


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Japanese cuisine has never been more popular. Yet many British people are reluctant to try making sushi at home. This friendly sushi cookbook cuts through the mysteries of sushi making and shows just how easy it is to create perfect maki (sushi rolls) and nigiri-sushi (individual pieces).

Sushi for Dummies shows you how to select sashimi-quality seafood and finding specialized ingredients (all of which are for sale right here!) to cooking perfect sushi rice, slicing ingredients like a pro, adding that essential dab of wasabi, and rolling 'em up, this illustrated guide makes sushi preparation a snap, whether people want to build a basic California roll or serve up a wide range of more exotic sushi fare. Judi Strada (LaJolla, CA) is Food Editor of San Diego magazine. Mineko Takane Moreno (San Diego, CA), a native of Tokyo, teaches Japanese cooking at Williams-Sonoma and the San Diego Culinary Institute.

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