February 14, 2023


Mise en Place - What is it? Well, is it a French saying for "everything in its place." It is a term used by professional chefs to describe a type of preparation in a kitchen - everything essential is prepped before service starts. This not only includes food, but utensils too like pots, pans, chopping boards - basically anything needed make the dish. 

The food ingredients are broken down into individual elements. Each ingredient is washed, cut, diced or chopped and placed in containers either in the fridge or worktop, organised ready to assemble the desired dish. 

Whether a small sandwich shop kitchen or Michelin Star kitchen, consistency is key when preparing food to ensure that high standards are met. 


- Saves time in the kitchen

- Eliminates duplicate work

- Calmer & orderly (therefore a safer) kitchen - no running back and fourth for missing ingredients

- Missing ingredients can be spotted before service starts

- Ensure all ingredients are prepped and ready to be assembled into the dish  


Our Yakumi and Yoshikawa tins and stockers:

Yakumi: Stainless steel, Japanese-made Yakumi pans are perfect for mise en place. With 3 removable compartments these are perfect for service. Strong and high quality stainless steel construction for durability and convenient cleaning, the yakumi pan can be placed in an ice-bath or a hot water bath to keep ingredients at the optimum temperature.

Yoshikawa: The 18-8 stainless steel allows for a heat resistant temperature 50 degrees, cold resistant temperature -30 degrees. Dishwasher compatible. Stackable for neat storage. Perfect for preparation and storing food. 

Here are some of our best sellers:  

 Check out our entire range of 'Mise en Place' here

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