Soy Sauce - A Journey Through Time...

February 23, 2024

Soy sauce, an ancient elixir born from the fermentation of soybeans and wheat with koji mold, has woven itself into the fabric of Japanese cuisine. Its rich history dates back through the centuries, evolving into a culinary treasure celebrated globally.

The Culinary Symphony: How to Use Each Type

  • Light soy sauce: Enhance natural flavours in stir-fries and sushi.
  • Dark soy sauce: Add depth and colour to stews, marinades, and braised dishes.
  • Tamari: A gluten-free alternative with a bolder taste, ideal for dipping and glazing.
  • Ponzu: Infused with citrusy notes, perfect for salads, marinades, and seafood.

Understanding the Essence: Types of Soy Sauce

  1. Shibanuma Wooden Barrel Soy Sauce: Crafted through time-honoured methods, this variant delivers a robust umami character, making it a versatile companion for diverse dishes.

  2. Shibanuma Yuzu & Katsuobushi Ponzu: A fusion of yuzu's zesty notes and the savory essence of katsuobushi, offering a harmonious balance perfect for dipping or dressing.

  3. Horaiya Honten Koji Soy Sauce: Renowned for its fermentation with koji mold, this soy sauce intensifies the depth of flavour, enhancing culinary ventures.

  4. Yamashin Raw White Soy Sauce: Boasting a milder taste, this variant is ideal for delicately flavoured recipes, adding a touch of finesse to your creations.

  5. Kajita 4 Year Aged Soy Sauce: Aged to perfection, this soy sauce offers a mature and complex profile, elevating the richness of your culinary masterpieces.

  6. Komi Soy Sauce: Unleash the essence of umami with this soy sauce, enriching the flavours of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine alike.

Savouring Excellence: Our Soy Sauce Selection

Embark on a sensory journey curated by our team, who ventured across Japan to forge partnerships with time-honoured soy sauce producers. From the artisanal craftsmanship of Shibanuma to the nuanced complexity of Kajita 4 Year Aged, our soy sauces promise to elevate your culinary journey to new heights. Unlock the secrets of umami, and let soy sauce be your guide in crafting memorable gastronomic experiences.

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