5 Best Japanese Culture Vloggers to Follow on Youtube

September 22, 2016

The crew at Sushi Sushi HQ, as you can imagine, have been interested in Japanese culture for a really long time! However, in our humble opinion, we believe there's only so much you can learn from blogs, articles and the like - what you really need to understand Japanese culture, is to immerse yourself in it. Sadly, not all of us have the budget to go jetting off to Japan, so watching Youtube videos is the next best thing! 

We've selected a few of our favourites in this blog post, but feel free to suggest your own in the comments below, we'd love to watch!

Sharla in Japan

Sharla in Japan is the first Japanese vlogger I discovered, and I've been watching all her videos since! She posts her vlogs very regularly, at least once a week - she's Canadian, and now lives in Japan full time, but is quite a fluent speaker of the language. That means she's excellent at really immersing herself into the culture and introducing you to lots of new and interesting characters in Japan. Her videos cover subjects like the infamous cat cafes, sushi and Japanese restaurants, Japanese gadgets and festivals.

Rachel and Jun


Rachel is an American vlogger who is married to Japanese national Jun, and together they explore different aspects of each other's culture, giving us a great insight. Rachel is very good at explaining a lot of different aspects of Japanese culture and Japanese living, so we really recommend watching this channel if you are planning a trip to Japan, an extended stay, or even planning on living there one day. Her advise is priceless.

Texan in Tokyo


Texan in Tokyo follows the antics of couple Grace and Ryosuke, who are respectively, American and Japanese. Grace and Ryosuke both work from home and live in rural Japan, whereas many of the other vloggers on this list are based in Tokyo, so this channel offers a slightly different perspective. Texan in Tokyo has a lot of great videos about Onsen, Japanese hiking and traditional crafts like mochi making.


Ochikeron is one of my favourite channels when it comes to learning how to cook Japanese food. Whether you like cute bento boxes made to look like famous characters, or you're after more sophisticated fare, you'll find a recipe and clear step by step process laid out for you on this channel! 



Kanadajin3 channel follows the life of Mira, a 25 year old living in Tokyo. She covers plenty of events in the capital, and also answers all the questions you might need to know before moving to Tokyo or holidaying in Japan. There's fun advice, as well as practical advice!

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