5 Japanese Recipes You Need to Master

October 11, 2016

Some say you can't call yourself British unless you've mastered cheese on toast and a good fry-up, but Japanese food is a little more complicated than that. Japanese food is really made with soul, and every element is lovingly constructed. It's not enough to just know a few recipes off by heart; that's not how you become a Japanese food master. You do so by learning the recipes inside out, and knowing to take your time with them to make them perfect.

It's probably better to know 5 Japanese recipes perfectly than it is to know 100 vaguely! 

The recipes below are really worth knowing. If you mater these, you'll be able to prepare a Japanese meal to impress your family no end. Serve them all as a banquet, or just savor one. The choice is yours.

Katsu Curry

Regardless of popular belief in the UK, we're cheating a bit here, because Katsu curry isn't really one Japanese food technique; it's important to master both the katsu (breaded cutlet) and the curry! We've included them together as this is such a much - loved dish. The obstacles here are in making sure you don't end up with a soggy cutlet just because it is sat in the curry sauce; half the deliciousness is in the crunch.

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Dashi Stock

We thought about including miso soup in this list, but instead we decided the true Japanese food master should learn how to make Dashi stock, which is an essential component of miso soup, but also important in many other Japanese dishes! Dashi stock is made from Bonito fish flakes, kombu seaweed and filtered fresh water ideally. 

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Where would we be without gyoza? These little dumplings started the Japanese food craze in many, and it's hardly surprising, considering that they're so delicious. They can be adapted to be meat or vegetable based, and are mouthwateringly good when dipped in a soy and ginger sauce. 

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Another dish you've probably seen making the rounds at Japanese food restaurants. It's a simple, hot and slightly sour with vinegar, noodle dish that everyone loves. Again you can make it with meat or just veggies, and you can serve it as a side dish or as the main event. 

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Perfect Sushi Rice

So you want to master sushi? Well you won't get far until you've mastered perfect sticky sushi rice. Sushi rice needs to be perfectly cooked with just the right amount of starch to keep it sticky, then seasoned to the ideal ratios, with sugar, salt and sushi rice vinegar. It requires patience too, in cooking and in allowing it to cool to the ideal temperature. Think you have what it takes?

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