5 Japanese Sweets and Snacks You Need To Try!

June 10, 2015

We won't lie, Japanese sweets and snacks are a far cry from what we serve up in this country; often they are sweeter, consist of a very different texture to what we are used to, and somtimes even come in strangely curious flavours which we would never dream up in the UK!

But don't let that put you off - try something new. Just because something if quite different to our usual tastes, doesn't mean we won't love it! In fact, Japanese candy is extremely popular worldwide, and many people go to great efforts to obtain it. Luckily, we've got plenty of it at Sushi Sushi. Here are some of our favourites that you just have to experience! 


Mochi are little balls of glutenous rice paste which have a very gooey and sticky texture. When you bite into one, it'll likely stick to the roof of your mouth - but you'll forgive it, because mochi are incredibly delicious and often filled with oozing, yummy fillings. We can't compare mochi to anything found in the UK, but they're likely one of the most popular sweets from Japan that we have started to bring into our culture, and they're nearly always available as a dessert option at Japanese restaurants. Popular flavours include chocolate, green tea and red bean.

Wasabi Peas

If you're craving something savory with a spicy kick, then wasabi peas will do the trick. They're crunchy little baked green peas with a delicious wasabi coating, and they go wonderfully well with a cold beer. They'd make an ideal bar snack, but they're also good as an alternative to crisps in your lunch, as they're really satisfying and contain less fat!

Spicy Seaweed Snacks

You know those wonderful sheets of nori seaweed that you wrap around your sushi? Well imagine if you deep fried those in tempura batter and coated them in a delectable spicy seasoning... there you have it! Japan serves seaweed snacks up in handy packs like crisps, but they're so much more tasty and addictive. 


Traditional pop pales in comparison to Ramune - it's a Japanese soft drink that comes in a wide variety of flavours and beautiful rainbow colours. Best of all, intelligent thinking has devised a signature bottle for Ramune, which contains a glass sphere that stops the drink losing its fizz. Clever!

Hello Panda

Hello Panda are a popular brand of cute little biscuits served up in the most kawaii packaging you can imagine. They're hollow biscuits which are filled most often with chocolate cream, but you can also buy strawberry versions and many other flavours too. You'll start with one, but before you know it you'll have eaten the whole box! 

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