Blow fish the worlds deadliest dinner

October 23, 2017

Blow fish, or fugu in Japanese, is famous for being expensive and being deadly if prepared incorrectly. However, this does not stop it from being popular. It is often eaten in winter, as this is when their poison is at its weakest

It has been eaten in Japan since the Jyomon period (BC14000 to BC4000). Many people died due to ill prepared blow fish and as a result it was banned in the Edo period (1603-1868).   

The strength of the poison depends on which organ it's from. Fugu has poison in their kidneys, skin, and ovaries. The poison is called tetrodotoxin and it's 1000 times stronger than cyanide, so to prepare it today, you have to be strictly trained and licensed. 

A method was discovered for removing thpoison from the ovaries and people started to eat it. People understand that they could die from one bite but today every part of the blow fish is eaten. Even the fins are used to make sake! 

So, why do people eat it? 

There's no reason. Fugu doesn't even have much taste, although it is slightly sweet. Personally, the reason why I eat blow fish every winter is because fugu is not like any other fish.  The skin has a unique texture. We actually don’t know why we still keep eating it, risking ourselves so much. People still die and this is usually due to someone who is unlicensed, catching and trying to prepare it themselves.

Fugu is regarded as a healthy food as it contains high levels of protein and is low in fat. It also contains high levels of taurine and selenium which works to prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, preventing cancer and contributes to a strong immune system.  


Here are some famous fugu dishes:

Fugu sashi (sashimi) 

When fugu is prepared as sashimi, its sliced very thinly as it is very chewy. If it wasn't prepared this way, it would be difficult to chew and swallow. 


Fugu chiri (blow fish hotpot) 

Cooked in a flavourless soup to enjoy the taste of blow fish, fugu chiri is definitely the dish for winter. 


Fugu karaage (fried blow fish) 

Just like chicken karaage, deep fried blow fish.

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