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January 12, 2011

Hi guys! So over the weekend my boss set me the daunting task of downloading apps for my iPhone that were to do with sushi and I had to play on them (I know, my job is just terrible). So I’ve rated my top 5 and I just wanted to share them with you, starting from my favourite through to my not so favourite!

So my favourite app was one called "Sushi Recipes", for a free app this is really great! It’s ideal for anyone who is looking to make sushi and provides you with some helpful recipes and even tells you how to make the perfect sushi rice, along with step-by-step instructions that are so easy to follow. The app is also handy due to the fact that it doesn’t use ridiculous ingredients that you cant buy from anywhere (unlike other recipe apps/books), all you need to make sushi is available directly from our site (apart from the meat/fish). This app is a must have for anyone who loves sushi and is keen on making their own. 5 stars!

Next up we have a game called "Sushi Stand", which is a virtual sushi café game, these seem to be very popular in the free app range.  I found this app very addictive when played in endless mode however when you play it in story mode it seems a little pointless – the fundamental qualities are there but due to the fact that there are no levels it has no depth that makes you want to return to the game.

Like I said above, it seems that in the app world there are a lot of virtual restaurant games and it was hard to find anything but on the sushi front, the next app I downloaded was called "Sushi Tycoon Lite". I found this app to be quite simple and didn’t really offer much variety throughout the game itself and could be a little confusing, however it was quite fast-paced and enjoyable at the same time.

"Sushi Mushi" is another fast-paced game but this is nothing to do with owning a restaurant or café, the app is almost tetris style in which you have to create coloured chains of sushi to feed to your hungry monsters below. Now this app seems to be a big hit in the office and I almost feel that I should agree just for agreeing sake however that is not me and I can safely say that I don't rate this app at all, the tutorial is long winded and all in all the game confused me. I just didn’t like it, but that's my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own I guess!

Last and most certainly least is “Sushi Chain Lite”, I am definitely not a fan of this one! I appreciate that the app has a story during the game play but all in all I found it a little hard to understand. The customers don’t give you long to serve them before they’re huffing and puffing, which all in all I suppose is quite realistic!

So there you have it, 5 reviews on 5 apps, but don’t just take my word for it go ahead and try them yourself!

Miso Meg

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