Tiredness During Summer? - How Japanese Food Can Help

July 16, 2018

It has been hotter than usual this summer in England. When it's hot like this, many people feel fatigued and lose their appetite - which causes further fatigue. We can learn from Japanese cuisine how to over come this problem. During the long, hot and humid Japanese summer, sour foods are often eaten.

Sunomono - Japanese vinegar salad with wakame. 

Reimen (hiyashi chuka) - Reimen and hiyashi chuka is cold noodle dish that is inspired from korean and chinese dish. Soup is quite sour as vinegar is used for soup. 


Cold soba and udon - Soba and udon are served cold in summer, and often umeboshi (pickled plum) is put as a topping. 

Why sour food?

  1. Vinegar is often used in summer dishes in Japan. Vinegar contains citric acid, and that helps carbohydrates convert into energy.
  2. Citric acids break down lactic acids that builds up in your muscles that causes the heavy and lethargic feeling.
  3. Umeboshi (pickles plum) contains other kind of acid. Malic acid and succinic acid, which also helps you recover from tiredness.
  4. Also vitamin B1 is good for recovering from heat. The perfect food in summer are pickles. It is easy to eat because you don't need to cook, and they also contain vitamin B1. Meat contains B1 but when you feel hot, you don't want to cook. 


        What is the difference between Japanese vinegar and British vinegar?

        Vinegars are related to alcohol from each countries. In England, malt is used for vinegar - wine in France. Japanese vinegar is made with rice. Japanese vinegar is little sweet and British malt vinegar has got a flavour that is similar to beer. 


        What is the different of Sushi vinegar and black vinegar?

        Sushi vinegar contains salt and sugar to put flavour to sushi.

        Black vinegar is made from brown rice, taste more mild and richer. It also contains more amino acid.


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