The Strangest Sushi Surprises

July 06, 2010

I have been looking for some gifts for my sushi loving friends who already have everything they need to whip up their favourite Japanese meals.

There are some weird and wonderful sushi products available ranging from the relatively normal to the outright bizarre and there is something for every room of your house.

You can decorate your kitchen with all sorts of sushi nick nacks like fridge magnets shaped like sushi. Or, brew a nice cup of Japanese green tea in a sushi tea cup with pictures of your favourite food.

For the bathroom, there is a tray of sushi soap – California rolls, nigiri, gunkanmaki with soap roe – to keep you clean and fresh or wash up after handling raw fish for your real sushi. If you cut yourself with a super sharp sashimi knife then you can dress the cut with sushi plasters.

Some of the products look scarily realistic, like sushi USB sticks. You can have a delicious looking nigiri hanging out of the side of your computer; just be careful not to mistake it for lunch or you might lose a tooth.

If you are bored in front of the television, you can knit some sushi. Yes that’s right knit, as there are patterns and kits to whip up a woolly platter and one website even has a pattern for a sushi toilet roll cover. And super fans have been known to pass the time by knocking up sushi shapes with their kid’s Lego.

Not content with just eating sushi themselves, the dog crazed Americans have invented sushi shaped dog biscuits. They may be even more expensive than eating real sushi but your canine friend will love you for it.

And for the sweet toothed fanatics you can buy chocolate sushi made from white and dark chocolate, fruity butter cream and crispy rice carefully moulded into a mouth watering delight.

And that’s not all, sushi tyre covers, sushi erasers, sushi Christmas tree ornaments are just the tip of the iceberg. It seems there is no end to the sushi madness you can buy. It’s worth a look but be warned – don’t do it on an empty stomach unless you have a good supply of rolls to snack on.

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