Easy Japanese Inspired Canapes for Your New Year's Party

September 22, 2016

Now Christmas is out of the way, most of us feel a bit full up and like we've overindulged a little too much! We suppose that's why when it comes to celebrating New Years Eve just a few days later, we're not often looking for another whole roast dinner. This year, why not serve up festive, Japanese inspired canapes rather than the usual Christmas leftovers buffet? 

The great thing about Japanese food is that it's rarely too filling. With lots of lean protein, light sauces, veggies and rice, Japanese food doesn't leave you feeling bloated. A selection of Japanese canapes would be a wonderful way to start the new year too, as the change is to do with fresh starts, you don't want to be feeling like you can't move come the countdown! Japanese food is light and low on calories, and often very healthy!

We've scoured the net and caught up with some of our favourite blogs to find out the best Japanese canape recipes, and you can find them all below with links to the original recipes!

Don't forget, if you're planning on making any of these delicious dishes, stock up this week with Sushi Sushi Japanese ingredients to make sure you've got what you need in time for your party!

Christmas / New Year's Temarizushi


Image and Recipe Copyright Chopstick Chronicles Blog.

Temarizushi requires no special knowledge of rolling sushi, it couldn't be easier to make these in fact! Just cook your sushi rice, leave it to cool then use clingfilm or gloved hands to roll the rice into ball shapes. You can place fillings like umeboshi plums and other Japanese pickles in the middle too, or just top the rice balls with delicious fresh salmon, inari or omelet. These christmas designs from Chopstick Chronicles are amazing!

Tuna Sashimi and Avocado Wonton Cups


Recipe and Photo copyright Hapa Nom Nom blog.

Tuna and avocado go together beautifully, we've known that since the dawn of avocados as party food in the 1970s, but this recipe is a much more sophisticated take on the traditional. Follow Hapa Nom's recipe to learn how to turn simple wonton wrappers into these dainty portable cups, and don't forget to try out the delicious sriracha aioli sauce too!

Negima Yakitori

Photo and Recipe Copyright Hapa Nom Nom blog.

Another great recipe from Hapa Nom Nom's Kathleen - these amazingly delicious yakitori skewers. They're the perfect party food; just do all the prep early then grill in front of your guests, or get a BBQ going and let guests skewer their own selection and grill it to perfection. Drizzled with sticky sauce and sesame seeds, it's almost impossible not to love yakitori.

Edamame Hummus

Image and Recipe Copyright Chopstick Chronicles blog.

Hummus is always a people pleaser at parties, it's just so savory and addictive! This recipe however, from Chopstick Chronicles, combines the delicious taste of hummus with the traditional Japanese Edamame bean, and produces something your guests will all want the recipe for. Serve with spiced rice crackers for a real far-east fusion. 


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