Sushi for Valentines dinner

February 01, 2018

Love heart salmon Sushi For 2  (2 sushi each)

 What you will need:
 You will need a love heart shaped cookie cutter
How to:
Put oil in the pan and make a thin omelette (like an omelette sheet)
Cut the omelette with the cookie cutter, leave the omelette on the cutter and cut the salmon too.
Then spread smoke salmon in the cutter, and then put sushi rice.
Put dill / crest on top! 
 Also you can arrange with other ingredients such as prawns, avocado, tuna, and pickles 
 Love heart Sushi cake for 2
 What you will need: 
  • 360g of sushi rice
  • Smoked salmon (cut them to stripe pieces)
  • 1 tinned tuna
  • 2 eggs
  • Cress 
 You will need a 12cm cake tin
How to
Make sushi rice ( Add 4 tbsp of sushi vinegarto 360g rice)  
Make rose with smoked salmon (to make each roses, you will need about 2 pieces of salmon)
Make scrambled egg 
Put grease proof paper inside of the cake tin, spread the scramble egg in.
put half of sushi rice on top of it, then put smoked salmon, like making layers.
Then sushi rice again, then tinned tuna on top of everything (it comes to the bottom) 
Put salmon roses and cress on top!

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