Chef Focus: Luke French, Jöro Sheffield

November 20, 2023

 Luke French

We caught up with our good mate Luke French from Jöro Sheffield this week for a quick chat.

Tell us about your restaurant, how long it’s been running and what the core concept is?


JÖRO is a tasting menu restaurant. Heavily influenced by the flavours of Eastern Asian cooking. We’re into our 7th year here at Krynkl, but watch this space… new restaurant & big things are coming 2024

How long have you been a chef and where did it all start?


I’ve worked in kitchens for 23 years. It all started at a little country pub-restaurant called The White Pheasant, on the outskirts of Cambridge where I’m from. I washed up on weekends then got the chance to learn to cook and I never looked back.

restaurant joro

What are the biggest trends in the industry this year?


The use of Asian ingredients and flavours seems to be increasingly popular year after year, particularly Japanese..


How is your relationship with SushiSushi and how long have you worked together?


Stu & I have worked together around 6 years. Almost the entirety of JÖRO’s existence! Without sushi sushi our food wouldn’t taste as good as it does for sure. He took me to Japan with some chef friends a few years ago and it blew our minds


What Japanese products do you currently use in your menu?


  • Sake
  • Miso’s - many different varieties over the years
  • Artisan Mirin
  • Soy - all of them
  • Panko - the good stuff
  • Togarashi
  • A grade nori
  • Ultimate nori
  • Equipment, knives & utensils
  • Wasabi
  • Oils
  • Sesame
  • Flours
  • Pickling koji
  • Sushi rice
  • The list goes on!


If money were no object, what Japanese ingredient would you always have on the menu?


Fresh green sansho pepper, all Japanese citrus fruits, snow crab and A5 Wagyu.

joro sheffield

How has using Japanese ingredients influenced your menu?


Big time. We used Japanese ingredients before meeting Stu, but the difference in quality is unmatched IMO. I love Japanese flavours and that is why we use so much. I believe as a chef to cook your best food you should cook what you love to eat.


If you could travel to Japan tomorrow just for food, what would be the top things you’d want to do or try?


The best of Sushi, Yakitori & the ramen shops.


Why do you think Japan is so admired in the West for its cuisine?


Because it is so delicious. The quality of everything across the board is generally so much better than in the west…

Sake or Beer?



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