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February 06, 2024

Embark on a flavourful journey with Momoya Taberu La-Yu Chilli Oil, a culinary masterpiece that transcends boundaries. This 110g bottle is not just a condiment; it's a symphony of taste waiting to revolutionise your culinary creations.

A Culinary Marvel: 'Chilli Crack'

Affectionately known as 'Chilli Crack' among chefs, this chilli oil is a culinary secret that has found its way into staff dinners and even graced the dessert menu of a prestigious 2-star Michelin restaurant. Brace yourself for an addictive taste that elevates every dish it touches.

Decoding "La-Yu"

Unveil the spiciness level with "la" signifying spiciness in Chinese and "yu" denoting oil in Japanese. It's a harmonious blend that brings the tantalizing taste of chilli without overwhelming heat.

Sensational Spice Without the Heat

Momoya La-Yu Chilli Oil is a true culinary chameleon, loved by chefs and home cooks alike. It adds the perfect touch of spice to stir-fries, noodles, dipping sauces, and marinades, enhancing your culinary creations with its unique flavour profile.

A Symphony of Aromas and Flavours

Infused with fragrant spices like garlic, ginger, and sesame oil, this chilli oil transcends the ordinary. The result? A rich and complex flavour profile that marries the heat of chilli peppers with savoury, aromatic notes.

Mastering the Art of MOMOYA TABERU

Unleash your culinary creativity by incorporating MOMOYA TABERU MILD LA-YU CHILLI OIL in:

  • Stir-Fries: Elevate the humble stir-fry with a drizzle of this chilli oil.
  • Noodles: Transform your noodle dishes into a spicy sensation.
  • Dipping Sauces: Create tantalising dipping sauces for dumplings and more.
  • Marinades: Infuse meats and vegetables with a burst of flavour.

Let MOMOYA TABERU MILD LA-YU CHILLI OIL be your culinary companion, inspiring a journey of taste that transcends boundaries. Get ready to embark on a flavour adventure like never before!

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