HAKUTSURU - Umeshu Genshu 300ml

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HAKUTSURU - Umeshu Genshu 300ml

In-house brewed umeshu made from fully ripened and 100% hand-picked Kishu Nanko ume, or plum. This undiluted umeshu features its rich, vigorous flavour and noble, mellow taste.

Tasting Notes: A sophisticated plum liqueur using 100% Japanese Nanko plums, giving it its distinctive fruity flavour and luxurious golden hue. A smooth but complex drink, fruity, vigorous with noble woody notes.

Perfect Food Pairings: The complex sweetness is well paired with robust cheeses including parmesan, pecorino, and most charcuterie, especially aged Iberico ham and chorizo. A great accompaniment to hearty casseroles, beef bourguignon and cassoulet, and desserts especially vanilla based, panna cotta, or cheesecake.

  • Size: 300ml
  • Grade: Futsushu
  • Style: Liqueur
  • Polishing Grade: N/A
  • Rice Type: N/A
  • Ingredients: Plum Fruit, Sugars, Fermented Alcohol
  • Alcohol: 19.7%
  • SMV: -100
  • Acidity: 16.5
  • Amino Acid Value: 
  • Drinking Temperature: 5~15℃, 20~25℃, 30~50℃
  • Prefecture: Hyogo

    Made in Japan.

    To learn more about Sake and Hakutsuru, continue reading below!

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    Sake is a fermented rice drink and widely accepted as Japan’s traditional alcoholic drink.