Nakata White Umeshu 300ml

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Nakata, Shiro Umeshu (White Plum Wine), 300ml

Nakata Shiro Umeshu is made from carefully selected ume plums, sugar, and alcohol. The ume plums, which are a type of Japanese apricot, are harvested when they are still green and not fully ripened. The plums are then soaked in alcohol, typically shochu or sake, and sugar is added to create a sweet and flavourful infusion. The mixture is left to age, allowing the flavors to meld and develop.

Flavour Profile:   Nakata Shiro Umeshu has a sweet and mellow flavor with a pronounced plum taste. The sweetness comes from the sugar used in the production process, balancing the natural tartness of the plums. The flavour can vary slightly between different brands and producers, but umeshu generally offers a delightful combination of fruity and floral notes. 

How to Serve: Commonly enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or diluted with water or soda. It can also be used as a cocktail ingredient, adding a fruity and sweet element to various mixed drinks. Umeshu is often served as a dessert beverage or as a digestif after a meal.


Alcohol - 12% abv.

Water, Sugar, Distilled Alcohol, Plum Juice. 

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