Kajita Ultimate Light Soy Sauce, 720ml

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SKU : S0068


Kajita Ultimate Light Soy Sauce, 720ml


Kajita Ultimate Light Soy Sauce is a premium soy sauce that is produced in Japan using a traditional brewing method. This soy sauce is unique in that it has a light colour and a delicate flavour, unlike the traditional dark and salty soy sauces.

Light in colour and delicate flavour. It has a subtle sweetness and a milder umami flavour, making it a versatile seasoning for a variety of dishes such as sashimi, salads, and tofu. It is also a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, noodle dishes, and grilled meats!

How is it made?

The production process for Kajita Ultimate Light Soy Sauce begins with a mixture of soybeans, wheat, and salt water. The mixture is then fermented using a combination of koji mould and yeast, which break down the ingredients and create a unique flavour profile.

After fermentation, the soy sauce is aged in large wooden barrels for up to a year, which allows it to develop a complex and rich flavour. During the ageing process, the soy sauce undergoes a natural sedimentation process that removes any impurities, resulting in a clear and pure soy sauce!


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: 340ml
  • Units Per Case: 6
  • Packaging Material: Glass
  • Manufacturer: Horaiya
  • Cuisine: Japanese


    • SOYbean
    • BARLEY (Gluttonous WHEAT))
    • Salt


      Per 100g
    Energy 44.52kj/10.63kcal
    Fat 0g
    - of which saturates g
    Carbohydrate 1.4g
    - of which sugar g
    Protein 1.3g
    Salt 17.3g


    • Soya
    • Gluten (Wheat)
    • Gluten (Barley)

    Please note: As this product is imported from Japan, the best before date may be printed in the Japanese date format YY/MM/DD. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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