White Ceramic Ochoko Sake Tasting Cup 60ml

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SKU : T0219


White Ceramic Ochoko Sake Tasting Cup 60ml
ホワイトセラミックおちょこ利き酒カップ 60ml

There are five common types of traditional Japanese sake cups and glasses: ochoko, guinomi, sakazuki, mokkiri, and kiriko.

The cup is made of white ceramic, which is a popular material for sake cups due to its smooth and non-porous surface that allows the sake to retain its original flavour and aroma.

Ochoko sake cups: These tiny cups are typically made from porcelain (although other materials are available) and hold approximately 45 ml of sake. Their small size makes them ideal for sipping and savouring the sake and encourage regular refills from your host, a key tenet of Japanese hospitality. The small rim size means you won’t get as much of the aroma as you might with a wider cup or glass, but they are a great way to share sake with friends.

Ideal for tasting and sampling different types of sake, as it allows the drinker to experience the aroma and taste of the sake in a small, concentrated dose!

Matching sake flask, available here.

  • Dimensions: Height 4.5cm, Width 5cm
  • Capacity: 60ml
  • Origin: Japan
  • Material: Ceramic

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