Small Shark Skin Wasabi Grater

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SKU : S0639


CHOJIRO samekawa-oroshi 67 x 110mm
長次郎作 鮫皮おろし 67 x 110mm

As it's grated the true essence of wasabi is released, both in smell and flavour. This grater is made from real sharkskin, which provides the perfect texture to grate wasabi.

This Nagajiro - real shark skin and Japanese cedar wood wasabi greater is used by top sushi chefs in Japan. Beautifully handcrafted to the levels you would expect. Believe it or not, this wasabi grater is used at the "World Wasabi Picking Championships"!

A large shark skin and Japanese cedar wasabi grater is a traditional Japanese tool used to grate wasabi root into a fine paste. The grater is typically made of a rectangular block of Japanese cedar with a rough shark skin surface on top. To use the grater, you simply rub the wasabi root back and forth across the shark skin surface until it is grated into a fine paste.

Did you know?

Shark skin is the traditional material used for wasabi graters because its rough texture helps to break down the fibrous structure of the wasabi root and release its flavour and aroma. The cedar wood block underneath provides a stable base for the grating process and also helps to absorb excess moisture from the wasabi paste, which helps to preserve its flavour and texture!

They are commonly used in high-end sushi restaurants and by home cooks who are passionate about traditional Japanese cuisine.

A must-have for a top chef.

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Wasabi (also known as Japanese horseradish) is a plant from the brassica family. It’s perhaps the most well-known Japanese condiment outside of its native country