Yamamotoyama Nori Gold Grade 50 sheets 125g

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Gold Grade Nori is the highest grade of nori available. This pack of high grade nori from famous producers Yamamotoyama contains 50 nori sheets and can make up to 100 sushi rolls, or up to 800 sushi pieces. It has a zip-top design to the pack, to help keep your gold grade sushi seaweed fresh even after opening.

nori grades explained

  • Gold (A grade)
  • Silver (B grade)
  • Yellow (C grade)
  • Green (D grade)
  • Red (E grade)


    • Origin: Japan
    • Size: 125g
    • Units Per Case: 10
    • Packaging Material: Plastic
    • Manufacturer: YamaMotoYama
    • Cuisine: Japanese


    100% Seaweed


      Per 100g
    Energy 1492kj/352kcal
    Fat 2.2g
    - of which saturates 0.7g
    Carbohydrate 39g
    - of which sugar 0g
    Protein 42g
    Salt 2.2g

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