HAKUTSURU - Tokubetsu Junmai Yamada Nishiki 720ml

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HAKUTSURU - Tokubetsu Junmai Yamada Nishiki 720ml

Yamada Nishiki is a highly regarded rice variety used for sake production. It is known for its large grains and high starch content, which contributes to the rich and aromatic flavours found in premium sake. Yamada Nishiki rice is often considered one of the best rice varieties for brewing sake due to its ability to produce high-quality and flavourful sake.

Tasting Notes: Toasted almonds on the nose. Smooth on the palate followed by a clear aftertaste.

Perfect Food Pairings: Sukiyaki, tofu dishes, risotto, grilled meats, tempura.

  • Size: 720ml
  • Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
  • Style: Regular
  • Polishing Grade: 70%
  • Rice Type: Yamada Nishiki
  • Ingredients: Water, Rice, Rice Koji
  • Alcohol: 14.5 
  • SMV: 3
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • Amino Acid Value: 1.2
  • Drinking Temperature: 5~15℃, 30~50℃
  • Prefecture: Hyogo 

Made in Japan.

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Sake is a fermented rice drink and widely accepted as Japan’s traditional alcoholic drink.