Manzairaku, Kaga Umeshu, 720ml

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Indulge in the exquisite world of Manzairaku with the Kaga Umeshu, a plum wine that has graced palates since 1990. Meticulously brewed by Manzairaku, this plum wine embodies the essence of Hokuriku's Benisashi plums, renowned for their rich flavor profile and vibrant red hue. Immerse yourself in the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, where every step – from cultivation to bottling – takes place in the favorable environment of Hokuriku.

The Kaga Umeshu offers a sensory journey with its rich plum flavor and a clear taste that reflects the dedication put into its creation. Only the finest Benisashi plums, boasting higher amino acid content and minerals than common varieties, are selected for this exceptional brew. The result is a high-quality plum wine that undergoes aging for approximately two years, ensuring a well-balanced flavor that delights the discerning palate.

Noteworthy accolades include the prestigious Alliance Gastronomy Award at the Kura Master Sake Competition 2023 in France, affirming the excellence of Kaga Umeshu. It has also graced the skies as the top-ranked sake on All Nippon Airways' North American and European routes.

The Benisashi plum, a rare and high-quality variety, adds to the allure of this plum wine. Known as Koeibai for its stunning red surface, it contributes to the rich flavor and mellowness that distinguishes Kaga Umeshu. Its scarcity, with fruit-bearing occurring once every three years, enhances the rarity and exceptional nature of this plum wine.

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