Marukome Fresh Shio Koji 200g

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Shio koji is a natural seasoning used to marinate, tenderize, and enhance the umami, or richness (one of the five basic tastes), in foods. It's made of just a few simple ingredients, salt, water and rice koji. As it's all natural, you get the same umami taste as you would while using MSG but without the additives.


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: 200g
  • Units Per Case:
  • Packaging Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Marukome
  • Cuisine: Japanese


water, rice koji (BARLEY), salt, alcohol.


  Per 100g
Energy 745kj
Fat 0.5g
- of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 40g
- of which sugar 27g
Protein 2.9g
Salt 9.4g

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