Nakata Umeshu Peach 180ml

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Nakata Umeshu Peach 180ml

Nakata Umeshu Peach is crafted using ume plums, sugar, alcohol, and ripe peaches. The ume plums are typically green or unripe and contribute a tart and slightly sour taste to the umeshu. The addition of ripe peaches brings a sweet and juicy flavour to the mix, creating a delightful combination of fruity notes!

Flavour Profile: A harmonious blend of sweetness and fruitiness. The umeshu base provides a mellow and slightly sour taste from the ume plums, while the ripe peaches add a luscious and sugary flavour. The result is a well-balanced umeshu with a distinct peachy twist.

How to Serve: A  can be served chilled or on the rocks to appreciate the flavours. It can also be mixed into cocktails or combined with soda water or sparkling wine for a refreshing and fruity beverage!

  • Size: 180ml
  • Grade: 
  • Style:
  • Polishing Grade: 
  • Rice Type: 
  • Ingredients: 
  • Alcohol: 
  • SMV: 
  • Acidity: 
  • Amino Acid Value: 
  • Drinking Temperature: 
  • Prefecture: 

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