Otsuka Japanese Shizuoka Hojicha Green Tea Bags 2g x 20 Units

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SKU : S0193


Otsuka Japanese Shizuoka Hojicha Green Tea Bags 2g x 20 Units
オーツカ 国産静岡ほうじ茶 ティーバッグ 2g×20個

The tea bags contain high-quality, Japanese-grown green tea leaves specifically chosen for making hojicha. The leaves used for hojicha are typically harvested from the late summer or early autumn harvest and then undergo a roasting process. Made with tea leaves sourced from the Shizuoka region in Japan!

Hojicha has a unique flavour profile characterized by its toasty, nutty, and slightly smoky taste. The roasting process gives the tea a warm and earthy aroma with a mellow and smooth flavour. Hojicha has lower levels of caffeine compared to other green teas, making it a popular choice for those seeking a more relaxing and soothing tea experience.

To prepare a cup of hojicha tea, you can follow these general brewing instructions. Begin by boiling water and allowing it to cool slightly. Place one tea bag in a cup or teapot, and pour the hot water over it. Let the tea steep for about 1-2 minutes, adjusting the steeping time based on your preference for strength. Remove the tea bag and savour the delicious, roasted flavour of hojicha! 


  • Green Tea


  Per 100g
Energy 0g
Fat 0g
- of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 0g
- of which sugar 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g

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