Add A Japanese Twist To Your Christmas Banquet

December 12, 2016

You’re probably planning your Christmas dinner already; turkey, Brussel sprouts and roast potatoes followed by Christmas pudding. But what about tucking into something less traditional on 25th December?

We all love a roast, but at Christmas, it’s about treating yourself and your family. Injecting some Japanese influence and ingredients into your banquet will make it feel special and luxurious.

After all, at Christmas, it’s all about banqueting and treating yourself. So why not swap that prawn cocktail for prawn nigiri sushi with Kizami Wasabi or roast turkey for Koji Marinated Yakitori Chicken skewers?

Vegetarians have some fantastic options to explore such as:

And, as for the drinks, throw out that sickly Baileys and replace it with a luxurious Yuzu Sake, a modern twist on the traditional Japanese rice wine.

For those who can’t bear the thought of messing with the traditional roast, there are other ways of injecting some Asian influence into festive feasting this year.

Japanese style canapes and nibbles are perfect for impressing guests at parties and leftover turkey and veg can easily be whipped up into a Boxing Day ramen or chahan (fried rice).

Most people are left feeling sluggish and bloated during the annual Christmas food frenzy, but Japanese dishes tend to be healthy, light and fresh - making them the perfect antidote to over-indulgence.

Whatever you choose, make sure you mix it up and add a Japanese feel to you festive banquet this year.

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