Konro - The Japanese Grill Is Here!

June 17, 2019

Our new lines of Sakai Takayuki knives hit our warehouse last month, but the newlines don't end there. Konro - Japanese charcoal grills and all the accessories to go with them are here!

They are the perfect addition to any summer barbecue. Perfect use for casual and professional use! The most interesting and unique properties of these Japanese grills, when paired with binchotan (Japanese charcoal) is that they actually cook using infrared! It is better than cooking with gas hobs and other charcoal grills as the heat from the infrared cooks ingredients fast and evenly and seals the umami in the ingredients. When 160g of beef steak is cooked with gas, the surface of the steak rises to 85℃, when the inside is only 35℃. With a konro grill, the outside will be cooked at the same 85 but the inside will cook at 55℃.

Not only it can cook food faster, from this research, when you cook 160g of steak with gas hobs, the steak will be 22.4g lighter but when you cook it with konro, the steak is only 11.7g lighter. The konro grill keeps the umami and the juices in the meat. As it cooks the food quicker, it is perfect for giving a crispy outside but retaining juices and tenderness as you don't have to leave it on the grill for as long as you would with a gas grill.

When combining these grills with good quality binchotan charcoal, not only do you have a very efficient grill, as the binchotan can burn for many hours, it is also smokeless! The only smoke produced from this charcoal is from the fat and oil that drips from the food. This preserves the taste and aroma of the ingredients being cooked and no smelly clothes!

A charcoal grill is used quite often in Japanese cooking. In yakitori restaurants, we see long grills like this. 


Also in Yakiniku restaurants, Shichirin are used.


They are used in some cafes to toast mochi too.


We will be stocking a large range of Konro and Shichirin very soon. Also, takoyaki pans and more, so make sure to stay with us!!




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