Surprising methods to use Japanese mayo

March 05, 2018

It was mayonnaise day in Japan last week…. Yes, it exists. Mayonnaise is tasty, and there are some unusual ways you can use mayonnaise while cooking:


1. Taking the ‘fry’ out of ebi fry.

The result may not be to everybody’s tastes, however, if you like your ebi fry and are trying to avoid deep fried food; this may be the answer. Cover your prawns in mayonnaise and then roll in panko breadcrumbs. You can now grill the prawns until golden brown.


2. Mayonnaise to tenderise.

Japanese mayo works great as a meat tenderiser. When making karaage (Japanese fried chicken); marinate the chicken in mayo and soy sauce before adding the batter and frying. The resulting chicken will be tender and juicy.

It works not only on meat! If you add mayo when making an omelette, eggs will be softer when it is cooked. You can even add it to pancake and cake dough for a softer, spongier texture!


3. Nicely textured fried rice.

Frying short grain rice can result in a soggy, sticky blob. To ensure that your rice is nicely fried, mix a bit of mayo in it before frying. The oil in the mayo will coat the rice so that it does not stick together.


4. Mayonnaise can give food richer taste

Instead of using butter when making scrambled egg, use mayonnaise. It gives it a richer taste. You can even add it to yakisoba noodles. Add while frying to enhance the flavour before adding the sauce. 

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