What is Kudzu Good For?

August 05, 2019

What is Kudzu?

Kudzu is a plant and kudzu starch is made from the root of kudzu. It is used in traditional east Asian cuisine mainly for thickening sauces and making various types of desserts. It has also been used as a herbal medicine for centuries and is still used today!!


How is it made?

Kudzu starch is made by powdering the root. The powder is added to water. When the powder sinks to the bottom, the water is removed and the powder is left to sit for 2-3 day. It is then removed from the container and is left for 2-3 months to dry. As it is a long process, kudzu starch is pretty expensive.

Is kudzu healthy?

If you're on a gluten-free diet, kudzu starch is a good alternative to other starches. It can also be used as a replacement for potato starch. Kudzu contains isofurabon and saponin. Kudzu is believed to increase your core temperature which could help burn fat during exercise.

Kudzu is made into a drink as a herbal medicine to aid in revealing nausea. Adding hot water makes to the powder creates a viscous drink. It is organic and gluten-free.


Noodles are also made from Kudzu and they are called kuzukiri. Often eaten in hotpot. 


Kudzu is sometimes used instead of as gelatin in some sweets in Japan. Kudzu mochi is a mochi made from kudzu starch. Also kudzu is used to make jelly sweets. Clear jelly gives us a cooler image and it is perfect for summer sweets. 



You can find Kudzu starch from our website!



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