April 27, 2023

A Konro grill is a traditional Japanese charcoal grill that is typically used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. It is a popular choice for outdoor cooking, as it produces a smoky flavour and allows for precise heat control. But how do you use it? 


To use a Konro grill, you'll need a few basic supplies. You'll need a Konro grill (of course!), high-quality charcoal, tongs or a grill tool, and the food you want to cook.

How to light your Konro grill:

  1. Choose the right type of charcoal: For a Konro grill, it's best to use high-quality charcoal that produces less ash and burns hotter. Japanese binchotan charcoal is a popular choice. 

  2. Arrange the charcoal: Use a small amount of kindling, such as newspaper or cardboard, to start the charcoal. Arrange the charcoal in a pyramid shape with the kindling in the centre. You can also use a chimney starter to light the charcoal and then transfer it to the Konro grill once it's hot.

  3. Light the kindling: Use a long match or lighter to light the kindling in the centre of the charcoal pyramid. Make sure to stand back and use caution, as the flames may flare up.

  4. Wait for the charcoal to heat up: It will take about 10-15 minutes for the charcoal to heat up and turn white-hot. You'll know it's ready when the coals are covered in a layer of white ash and glowing red.

  5. Spread out the charcoal: Once the charcoal is hot, use tongs or a grill tool to spread it out evenly across the bottom of the Konro grill.

  6. You can adjust the height of the grill grate to control the heat, depending on what you're cooking. For example, if you're cooking a thick steak, you'll want to raise the grate to cook it over lower heat for longer, while for vegetables, you'll want to keep the grate closer to the charcoal to get a quick sear.

How to clean your Konro Grill:

When you're done cooking, allow the Konro grill to cool completely before cleaning it. You can remove the charcoal ash and scrub the grill with warm soapy water and a brush, then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before storing.





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