SushiSushi Family Keeps Growing!

October 25, 2019

We have an ever-increasing range of interesting condiments and tableware that are not available anywhere else in England.

We will show you some of the new products here, but keep checking our new products page often, as we are adding more and more in the next few weeks! 


We have some more new condiments in stock. We have a big range of white soy sauce this time! New food products, you can check from here!

Ginger white dashi

Black Mirin (20 year aged)



We have some new tea cups, plates and ramen bowls. They are authentic Japanese tableware!

Check new tableware from here!

Blue cup 220ml

Matcha tea accessory kit

Chopctick rest 

Kitchenware (Cooking utensils)

Check new kitchenware from here!

Soft mat 

Water absorbing sheet

Nori tin 

 We will be updating and adding new products to our store everyday! In order to keep up to date, and be the first to know, follow us on instagram! @Sushisushi_uk

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