How to Make Japanese Chilled Tofu

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Serves: 2

Japanese chilled tofu, also known as Hiyayakko, is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of soft tofu traditionally topped with dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi), spring onions, and grated ginger. There are many topping options that you can add to Japanese tofu to enhance the flavour and create a diverse variety of textures, such as black forest ham, corn, sesame seeds, and tomatoes.

Hiyayakko uses silken tofu to achieve the dish’s creamy, velvety texture. This type of tofu has a softer consistency than regular tofu and has the highest water content of all tofu types. It is also the most fragile so you will want to use extra care when handling it to prevent it from falling apart. Japanese chilled tofu is served cold, making it a popular side dish or appetizer during the summer months.

Japanese chilled tofu is a simple dish to make and does not require any cooking. It is also a healthy appetiser, especially when topped with fresh vegetables. 

Silken tofu is known for its light and delicate flavour, which is why adding an array of toppings can make the dish so delicious. The key to making great Japanese chilled tofu is finding quality silken tofu – the fresher, the better. 


Optional Toppings:


1. Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and allow it to drain for 15 minutes. You do not need to press the tofu as you want it to retain some of its moisture. 

2. Remove the paper towel and cut the tofu into four equal pieces.

3. Divide the tofu onto two serving dishes. Add your preferred toppings. Drizzle soy sauce or another favorite sauce directly before serving. 

Leftover tofu can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for one day.

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