Dassai The Ultimate Sake

April 07, 2017


Japanese Sake is becoming popular in the world these days . Dassai is the brand most sold due to its fine polish and the fruity flavour and it's known as the ultimate Sake!

What makes Dassai ultimate is the purifying of the rice and the rice itself. All Sake is brewed with polished rice. Polishing the rice removes the rice impurities and gives it a smother taste. The sake that has it's rice milled under 30% is called Honjozo and under 60% is called Ginjyo. Dassai is a class of Junmai Daiginjyo, where the rice polished under 50% is only used. Also, the polished rice thats is used for Dassai is called Yamada nishiki, a high grade rice. Dassai is known as the brand that only makes Junmai Daiginjo Sake, with high grade rice. 

The highest quality Dassai is made from not only special ingredients, the way they produce it is special too. Sake is made essentially from water and rice, with the help of important catalysts yeast and koji spores. Fermented rice makes Moromi (fermented mash) and to separete sake and moromi, they were the first brewery to use centrifugion that spins 3000rpm for 40min. 

Today, this special sake is ranked on the top sold sake in japan and it won the gold medal for Monde Selection. Buy it now on our website! 


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