Vinegar for Your Health

August 12, 2019

Iio-jozo vinegar brewery was already a member of sushi family but we have now extended our product range. Japanese vinegar is known as being made from rice, however, these new kinds of vinegar are made from very interesting ingredients. They don't just look and taste good, they are also great for your health! They are great for cooking or you can even just drink them!

Beni-imo su (Purple potato vinegar)

It takes a year to ferment purple potato with sake for about 1 year.

It contains anthocyanin and so it is good for anti-ageing. Also, it is good for your kidneys, so it is good for someone who drinks. You can use this vinegar to add some colour to your dishes. It adds a lovely red/pink colour and looks great mixed into sushi rice.  To drink, just dilute 1tbs of vinegar with 5-8times of water or milk. 


Ichijiku-su (Fig Vinegar)

This vinegar is made from fig-moromi. It is fruity, and suits well with French/Italian food. 31 Michelin start winning Joël Robuchon liked this vinegar. This vinegar goes well with meat dishes, you can also make sauces out of this vinegar with mayonnaise, olive oil etc...!



Kuro-mame vinegar (Black bean vinegar)

This vinegar is also drinkable with milk/water and added honey. Contains 2892mg of Amino acid in 100ml! This vinegar taste rich, bit like miso. Good with Mexican kinda spicy dishes, also Chinese dishes. 


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