What kind of rice is sushi rice?

March 01, 2019

Sushi rice is known as more sticky than the rice that is eaten in western countries. Sushi rice is different from other rice in Asian countries.

There are 3 rice groups.

Japonica rice

Uruchi-rice is the main rice variety eaten in Japan, but the rest of the world refers to it as 'Sushi Rice'. The rice grains are small when compared to western rice and it also becomes far more sticky when cooked. This is due to its much higher starch content which also attributes to its flavour, giving it a slightly sweeter taste. 
Arborio is one of the many other varieties of rice however it is not to be confused with Uruchi-rice as this does differ slightly. This is the variety that is sold to Europe as it is mainly produced in Italy. You could still make sushi but Arborio is not sushi rice.

 Emino kizuna and Toyama koshi-hikari

Javanica rice

The grain of this rice is similar to sushi rice, as it is quite short, but it is not as sticky as Japonica sushi rice so it isn't suitable for making sushi but perfect for making risotto and paella. 

Indica rice

80% of the rice that is eaten in the world belongs to this rice group. Thai jasmine rice, basmati rice. grains are shin and long, not sticky at all. They are best for curry, like pilau rice, and fried rice.

 Photo credit: gohan.life

The difference is how much starch is contained. That affects the stickiness of the rice. It is easy to determine which rice is which by looking at the length of the grain. 

 Photo credit: gohan.life

So when you make sushi, make sure you get the right kind of rice and enjoy making sushi! 

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