What is Japanese Black Vinegar?

June 01, 2021

Once you start getting interested in cooking Japanese food, you may be surprised by the variety of Japanese vinegar.

The vinegar that you put on your fish and chips is malt vinegar, whereas in Japan rice vinegar is the norm. While cooking Japanese food, be sure to buy rice vinegar to avoid giving your sushi a strange taste.

Yokoi Ma Kurozu

What is the difference between black vinegar and rice vinegar?

The Japanese people say that black vinegar is that it is good for beauty and health. So what's the difference between rice vinegar and black vinegar? 

The rice that is used to make vinegar are different. With normal vinegar, polished rice is used and with black vinegar, brown rice is used. Also, the fermentation time is different. To make black vinegar, it takes 1 to 3 years, when it takes only 1-4 months to make normal rice vinegar. The longer it is fermented, the darker the vinegar becomes. It tastes milder and richer than normal vinegar when it is aged longer. As the rice is unpolished, it contains more nutrition, that is why black vinegar is known as being healthy and good for your beauty.


Also, the amount of rice that is used to make vinegar is different too. To make normal rice vinegar, 40g rice is used to make 1000ml of vinegar, but in black vinegar, 180g rice is used to make 1000ml.  

What is Junmai vinegar?
Normal rice vinegar, sugar is contained, junmai vinegar is made by just rice. 

 We have a variation of Japanese vinegar! Find the one you like:

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