Environmental Policy

SushiSushi Limited are an SME importer, wholesaler and distributor of globally sourced food and non-food products and as such we have a duty to set an example in sustainable business practices. While the products we sell have production methods and supply chains that are inherently energy intensive it is our belief that reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency and minimising our environmental impact are all critical to ensuring our future success.

We are wholly committed to:

Ensuring that we are compliant with legislative requirements and codes of practice for reducing energy consumption, water use and waste.

Working with government agencies, suppliers, supply chain partners and other NGO’s to minimise and eliminate environmental pollution in line with legal requirements.

Ensuring environmental issues are considered in all key business decisions.

Encouraging our suppliers and clients to work to our high environmental standards so as to ensure supply chain sustainability.

Reducing the embodied carbon footprint of our products by implementing process and energy efficiency measures throughout the supply chain of the products we sell.

We aim to realise our commitments by dedicating time, manpower and investment to continually assessing and improving our business procedures.